History 12: The Great Depression Unit

1937 photo by Margaret Bourke-White – Breadline during Louisville Flood


Katie Zappone and Ryan Russell – The Great Depression Unit


Lesson One: Sudden Change

1 – Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Lesson Two: The Crash

2 – Where did all the money go

Lesson Three: Fallout

3 – Life During the Great Depression PPT

Lesson Four: The Political Spectrum

4 – Examining the political spectrum

4 – Political spectrum quiz

4 – the political spectrum PPT

Lesson Five: Connections to Ideologies

5 – Ideologies chart

5 – Ideology Quotes

5 – The Two Cows Example of Political Philosophy

Lesson Six: Reactions in North America

6 - Dawes Plan image

6 – Formative Assessment ideas 21

6 – Primary documents and questions

Lesson Seven: Rise of Fascism

7 – Fascism PPT

7 – Write About

Lesson Eight: Clash of Extremes

8 – As I See It

Lesson Nine: Bring it Forward

9 – Comparison Activity

Lesson Ten: Symbols

10 – Symbolism assignment


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